25 September 2010

Great news
Aranese has been granted official status!

For those of you who can't understand Catalan, the article basically says that the Catalan government have made Aranese (Aranés) into the "language of prefered use" in public institutions in the Val d'Aran, on the border with France.  This move alone would have granted Aranese more recognition and support than any of its sister dialects of Occitan in France

However, the bill didn't stop there.  Aranese is now recognised as Catalunya's third official language, after Catalan and Spanish.

Hopefully this move will give confidence to the Occitan community in France, and will bolster attempts at revitalisation there.  There's information (in French) for people wanting to learn Occitan at Aprenem L'Occitan and information about on-line lessons from Téléoc, originally (and still) a telephone lesson provider.

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