03 January 2014

A quick resolution...

Well, it's the new year, and looking back at the latter half of 2013, I didn't write much here, did I? It's a pretty good indicator that I'm not thinking enough (although there's a few thoughts sitting in my draft folder that I never expanded into full posts). So I'm resolving to get back to my at-least-once-a-week schedule, whether that's via restarting the wee investigation I started into the repetition of vocabulary in extensive reading back in the summer of 2012, reviewing TED talks and YouTube videos, or merely musing on the latest bit of pop science reporting on linguistics.

The other big thing I have to do is my programming project. I started coding some language-learning software over a year ago, using it to teach myself Corsican, and ever since then I've been trying to refine it and improve it to the point where other people can use it. I have to admit that I've been faffing about a bit, and really not making the progress I should, and that is going to have to change pretty seriously. I've been letting gaps in my knowledge turn into serious sticking points, rather than just getting stuck into the research and self-education needed to work through it. On the other hand, I do feel myself thinking like a programmer for the first time in over a decade, and I can remember why I always wanted to be a programmer -- it's just that now I actually have something worth programming.

So yes, expect to hear more from me in the next few months than in the last few.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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