19 August 2012

The weirdness of learning something you already "know"...

I've started looking at starting on Corsican a few times, but it's always seemed really difficult.  Why?  Because all the beginners' stuff looks too obvious to me to be worth looking at.  If it's not like Italian, it's like Spanish or French.  Everything I'd found was phrase-based, and I could understand most of them with no effort.  My brain saw no reason for effort.

That's something I find quite interesting, because I've always argued that extrinsic motivation (motivation from outside the material/course) is not enough -- all teaching has to be intrinsically motivating.

Well, today I came across a slightly better site (for French speakers).  The lessons there aren't brilliant, as they're just information and the exercises on the site aren't related to the lessons.

But the information's there, so I can juggle it about to suit myself.

Maybe it's time to dive back into the Python NLTK and write myself a wee bit of self-teaching software....

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