30 May 2014

Return to forumland: Polydog.org

It's been over a year since I stopped using language learning forums on the internet. I was banned from one, and it was the right time for it to happen, as it had become my main method of procrastination.

But recently I got invited to join a new forum polydog.org. It seemed like the right time to get back into the community proper, so I signed up. If I'm honest with myself, my posts have slowly got less and less interesting as there's nothing to challenge my views if I don't get involved in discussions, so how are my views going to develop and change.

So it's time to talk. Lots.


random review said...

Your hyperlink doesn't work, mate. I think it should be: http://polydog.org

All the best

Nìall Beag said...

Fixed. Cheers.

random review said...

I hope polydog takes off because HTLAL is pretty much on its knees from the two longish periods, about a uear or so apart, where the site was down. So much less active now. Sadly I think one more outage will finish it off. A wonderful site killed by technical issues.


Nìall Beag said...

It was always hampered by size and age anyway -- the moderation issues arose because it was too big for one person to handle, and moderation is anything but an exact science. It eventually gets to the point that no-one knows what they're allowed to say or what's going to happen next.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across your blog recently, really enjoying it (and getting back into language learning).
I was banned (twice!) from HTLAL several years ago and the Admin never gave me any reason as to why, he merely claimed I should know why. I think he's just passive-aggressive.

Nìall Beag said...

I was banned because I was a grumpy sod who was always getting into fights. The actual post that got me banned was actually misinterpreted, but I can't really blame anyone for that, because I can't say I would have interpreted it differently in their position.